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Love and laughter in the language school

When moving to Denmark, learning the language is not the only challenge. Being a newcomer can be quite intimidating, because a new country has entirely different ways of doing things. Perhaps you feel alone because you have not yet created a circle of acquaintances. Furthermore, it can be difficult to address the locals, when you do not speak the Danish language very well.

The Danish language is just one of the things you will learn in the language school. When attending a Danish course, you will grow better at many other things than the language – you will learn how to adjust well in the municipality you live in. Besides language courses, most language schools have many different courses with the aims of establishing you in your local community. For example, you can find courses about the Danish society and the Danish culture.

At language school, you will create a network, which is very important when searching for a job. Many language schools offer courses, which focus on the working conditions in Denmark. You will also get help with writing applications and setting up your resume.

A language course is your way of settling in Denmark. It is all about you feeling at
home in your municipality and the most important thing is that you remember that you are not alone. In the language school, you will meet like-minded people who all know how difficult it can be to become a part of the local community. Together you can help each other. Address your local language school, where you can sign up for a Danish language course. You can also get more information about the many other courses that can be of benefit to you.


  • In Denmark, there are more than 50 local language schools
  • As a newcomer and foreigner you are entitled to get access to a Danish course
  • There are three different Danish courses. Which one fits you depends on your level of education
  • You can attend both day and evening classes, depending on whatever fits you

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